Clubs and Groups at Amblebrook

Clubs and Interest Groups at Amblebrook
Check out this listing of all interest groups and clubs that have developed thus far at Amblebrook. We are adding more groups all the time! 

Beer Club- Also known as the Stumblebrooks! Share your love of beer with the Stumblebrooks! Beer Club meets monthly and shares a different theme event each month. 

Canasta- Canasta players are meeting every Monday at 5:30pm in the Indigo Room to play Canasta. All skill levels are welcome.

Culinary Club- Meets monthly to share in there love cooking and baking. A different theme is shared each month. 

Euchre - Euchre players are meeting every other Tuesday at 6pm in the Indigo Room to play. All skill levels are welcome.

Italian Club
- Italian Club is eager about learning all things Italian including the language. The goal of this club is to learn Italian, currently they are using an app called Duolingo with their sights set on a trip to Italy to practice their skills. 

Lifestyle Advisory Committee- The Lifestyle Advisory Committee has been formed with 10 member of our community who completed the application process successfully. The committee meets the 2nd Monday of each month (or more often as needed) and acts as a steering committee of the Lifestyle at Amblebrook. Additionally, they provide event support and volunteerism for Lifestyle activities.

- Mahjong meets every Monday at 10:00am in the Indigo Room. All skill levels welcome. If you have a tile set please bring it. Currently, the Club is playing the 2021 Mahjong Card. A transition date for 2022 card will be announced once the card is release in Spring 2022.

NEAR- Neighborhood Emergency Aid Response
- When a resident of Amblebrook is involved in an emergency, NEAR members provide first help fast, filling the time gap from onset of incident to arrival of EMS and/or police. NEAR members are neighbors and private citizens who are trained in basic life support and emergency care, and best practices in mitigating harm in an array of public safety and aging related incidents.

Pickleball- The Pickleball group is very excited for the outdoor Pickleball courts coming spring 2022. Until then, a group plays pickleball at the local YWCA on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for open Pickleball play from 2-4pm. If interested in learning more please contact the Rock Creek Club desk and they can put you in contact of a resident willing to give lessons or information about Pickleball.

Photography Club- Photography Club is a wonderful place to appreciate and share wonderful photography. This group likes to discuss technique, equipment, software, and all things photography! The group meetings the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:00pm in Sage Theater.

Scrabble Club- Love the game of Scrabble? Join Scrabble Club! They play the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2pm in the Indigo Room. 

Walking Group- The Amblers, our resident hiking and walking club, meets the 1st Saturday of each month at 9am at a predetermined spot (schedule subject to change). 

Wine Club- Wine Club at Amblebrook is an excellent place to share your love of wine with your friends. They meet monthly and host a different theme event each month.