Clubs and Groups at Amblebrook

Clubs and Interest Groups at Amblebrook

This is a listing of all interest groups and clubs that have developed thus far at Amblebrook. At the end of this document is a weekly layout of routine meeting times for groups that have a routine meeting scheduled.

This document is every changing and will be updated periodically to reflect additions, schedule changes and other information related to Interest Groups and Clubs at Amblebrook.

Ambleband - every Tuesday 6:00pm
Amblebooks (Book Club)- 2nd Tuesday 6:00pm
Amblers (Walking Group) -2nd & 4th Saturday (not in colder months) varied time
AmbleOnTheGo (Travel)- TBD
Astronomy Club - 4th Wednesday
Behind the 8 Ball - Every Thursday 4:00pm
Bible Study  -1st & 3rd Wednesday 10:30am
Bingo -3rd Thursday 6:00pm
Blitz -Every Tuesday 5:30pm
Bicycle Group
Bridge- Every Friday 2:00pm
Canasta -Every Mon/Wed & Thursday 5:30pm/2:00pm
Chess - 3rd Thursday 5:00pm
Creative Club - 4th Tuesday 5:30pm
Culinary Club (Cooking/Baking) -3rd Wednesday 11:30am
Euchre - Every Tuesday 6:00pm
Friday Filmfest (Movie Club) -Every Friday 2:00pm
German Group
Golf Gals -Every Tuesday (fair weather months) varied time
Happy Hour -1st Tuesday (can vary) 5:00pm
History Book Club -3rd Thursday 6:00pm
History Club -Varied
Holiday Planning Organizers -Last Thursday 5:30pm
Italian Club -3rd Wednesday 6:00pm
Karaoke- 2nd & 4th Friday 6:00pm
Mah Jongg -Every Monday 10:00am
Martini Night -3rd Friday 6:00pm
Meet & Greet -3rd Monday (can vary) 5:00pm
Mind-Body- Spirit- Health & Wellness -2nd Tuesday 4:00pm
Music Bingo -1st Friday 6:00pm
Veterans Club -3rd Wednesday 6:30pm
Photography Club -4th Saturday 10:00am
Pickleball -Varied times
Pinochle Every Wednesday 2:00pm
Potluck -Last Sunday of the Month 
Purple Cow Whiskey Club -4th Thursday 6:30pm
Rummikub & Mexican Games -Every Wednesday 5:30pm
Scrabble & Other Board Games -1st & 3rd Wednesday 2:00pm
Sew Be It -2nd Friday & 2nd Saturday 5:00pm/8:00am
Singles Group -2nd Tuesday 6:00pm
Spirituality Group -Last Saturday of the month 8:00am
Sports Group- Varied 
Stumblebrooks (Beer Club) -1st Thursday 5:30pm
TED Talks -Every Tuesday 10:00am
Trivia -Every Monday 6:00pm
Wine Club -2nd Thursday 6:00pm
Yarn Club -3rd Thursday 1:00pm